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Comprehensive Let It Ride Game Rules

Let It Ride remains a poker-like game. This game is usually played and practiced on a blackjack-like table with the normal fifty-two cards. Three bets (riding) or a pair of tens is what players should try to achieve when playing this game. From the perspective of players, the layout of the bet table is displayed at the right corner. Players will receive incentives for excellent poker hands. Like video poker, there is no competition between players or even the dealer in Let It Ride.

To get the last five card poker hand, two community dealer cards are combined with player’s three dealt cards. Do you know that the Let It Rules remain easy and simple to understand? In the optimal technique, you will find a simple table of plays that help to remember the basic rules of the game. For practice, you can always have the opportunity to play free games on several casinos on the internet.

Playing Process And Let It Ride Rules:

Within three circles, players will be expected to make about three similar bets. These bets can be denoted as “$”, “2” and “1” moving from the right side to left. To every player, the dealer will have to provide three special cards. There will also be two unique community cards that are faced down to the dealer.

There is every possibility for a player to cancel their bet in circle one after looking at the three provided cards. This can be done when the player allows the game to ride and continue playing or simply inform the dealer to take the cards back.

If you decide to allow the bet continue, then the value will have to remain on the table until the hand closes. If a bet will be withdrawn, it should simply not be included in the playing process. The dealer will now continue the game by turning one of their two cards open.

In this case, the player may allow the second bet ride on or withdraw it. The circle two option of the player is not affected or limited by the decision of the first circle. The betting will come to an end when the choice of the player’s second circle is decided.

This is simply because the $ circle bet will always remain in play. When the dealer’s second card is faced up, it will help to complete the gamers’ hands. The dealer will receive the $ circle bets, if the combination of the player’s five card hands did not provide a pair of tens or more.

Even any other bets that the player is involved in before will go to the dealer. The dealer will have to payout the $ circle bet if any of the players can come up with a pair of tens or more. It is also the responsibility of the dealer to payout other bets available during the playing process.

Full Pay 1, 2, $ Table:

Pair of Tens or Better 1-1

Royal Flush 1000 – 1

Three of a Kind 3-1

Straight Flush 200-1

Straight 5-1

Two Pair 2-1

Flush 8-1

Full House 11-1

Four of a Kind 50-1

Optimal Poker Strategy For Let It Ride Game:

A. If the first four cards you are having are similar to those below, then let circle two bet ride:

1. Any four cards of the same suit

2. When four cards ended by being open in a straight row. If all the cards involved rank with 7 or higher. For instance, 7, 8, 9, 10 via 10, J, Q, K remains playable

3. Four of a kind, three of a kind, two pair, pair of tens

B. If the first three cards you have display similar results like those below, then let circle one bet ride:

1. Three cards are doubled within in a straight flush and having at least 2 high cards

2. Three of a kind, pair of tens or more

3. Three cards within in a straight flush having at least one high card

4. Three cards ended being open in a straight flush without deuce

5. Any three cards to a royal flush


With the Let It Ride rules explained above, you will no longer experience any problem when playing the game. It is important for players to know that certain casino platforms usually place an artificial table restriction on payoffs. Players will have to compensate by reducing their bets if any casino platform places an artificial payoff maximum of fifty thousand dollars.

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