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  Euchre Rules

Euchre is a four-player parternship card game. Partners sit across from one another so turns are alternated between the partnerships.

Not all cards are used in the deck. In fact, a shortened deck of 24 cards is used, ranked from 9 to Ace. Deuce to 8 of all suits are not used. This is similar to Santase.

Five cards are dealt to each player. Since each player receives 5 cards, 4 cards will remain in the deck. The dealer turns over one of the cards, which will be the trump suit. The last 3 cards left over will not be used during the game.

Since Euchre is a trick game, the goal is to win as many tricks as possible.

Cards are ranked as follows:

2 of spades
Jack of trump suit
Jack the same color as trump suit
Jacks NOT the same color as the trump suit

Here is one complication: The Jack of matching color to the trump suit is considered t be a trump card. For example, if the trump suit is hearts, the Jack of diamonds is also considered a trump card.

To start, moving clockwise, the player after the dealer leads any card. Everyone has to play a card from the suit that was led. If they can't, they play any card, any suit.

High ranking card from the led suit wins the trick. However, if a trump card is played, the highest ranking trump card takes the trick.

Whoever wins the trick will lead.

Immediately after the cards have been dealt, and the trump suit has been determined, any player may choose to "go alone", that is, play without their partner.

If a partnership (or team) wins all 5 tricks, they get 2 points. If they win 3 or 4 tricks, they get 1 point. The partnership to first achieve 10 points, or any predetermined goal, wins the game.

Game Variations

Possible game variations include:

• Trump suit selection by the players. Here's how it works. Players have the option to accept the trump suit or pass. If all players pass, the trump suit may default to the initinal trump card or the dealer may appoint the trump suit. Note that if a partnership accepts the trump suit, and loses, the losing partnership gets double points.

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