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  Cribbage Rules and Instructional Videos

If you are planning to learn all about cribbage, you should be first acquainted with the basic rules and fundamentals so that you will get the most out of your play. This is probably more easily accomplished by watching a video tutorial, which you will find below. Or you may wish to first quickly browse this written introduction to the game.

In cribbage, there are two to four players allowed. There are also rule variations in cribbage for the three and four player cribbage.

The equipment required for playing cribbage is the cribbage board and a standard deck of 52 cards. The board is inexpensive and can be purchased on ebay for under ten dollars.

The main objective of cribbage is to be the first player to gain a score of 121 points represented by the final hole on the game board. As for the dealing and cutting, cut the deck in order to determine who will deal. The one with the low card deals first. Take note that the aces are low in value. For the following games, the loser will be the one who will deal.

The dealer deals 6 cards to every player. The opponent puts two cards in a face down manner in the dealers crib which is simply a separate pile of cards which will be scored at the end of the round. The dealer then also places two cards face down in the crib.

The opponent is responsible for cutting the deck while the dealer takes a single card off the deck on the cut point and puts it in a face up manner on the table. If the card is jack, the dealer gains 2 points. Take note that this card will be utilized later with the scoring of the hands.

The opponent begins by putting one card face up on the table. Players will take turns. Once their turn, every player will announce the growing value of the cards being played. Take note that ace has a value of 1 while the face cards have the value of 10 while all others carry their face value.

A player can’t place a card that cannot reach the total exceeding 31; the players will go and pass their turn. The other players continue to place all the cards they have just making sure not to surpassing 31. When cards cannot be played, the count starts over at 0 and the play continues. The player that says go will play the first card.

As for the scoring in cribbage, it's a little complex and best explained via the videos below. But here it is in a nutchell. If the player follows another’s player’s card with a card of the similar value, the player gains 2 points. If the player plays the third card of the similar value, they gain 6 points. With a fourth card of the similar value, it will give 12 points. A run or a straight of 3 or more cards will give a 1 point per card. The cards do not have to run in a correct arrangement. If the player plays a card the totals to exactly 15, they will gain 2 points. If the player passes or says go, the other player gains a point. The player who places the concluding card, without attaining the sum of 31 will gain a point. A four card flush gains 4 points while a five card flush together with the cut card, scores 5 points. With a jack of the equivalent suit as the cut card which is known as His Nobs gains a point.

In winning the game, the winner is the first player to reach 121 points. Once the loser did not succeed to gain at least 91 points, they are skunked which is equal to losing 2 games. If the player was not successful in gaining at least 61 points, it is equal to losing 4 games.

Video: How to Play Cribbage

Video: How to Play Cribbage


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