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  How to Play Concentration Using Dominoes

Concentration is a super-simple memory game often played using cards, but you can use dominoes too. Here's how to do it.

Firstly, it doesn't really matter what type if dominoes you use. Any will do. Double-six, double-nine, whatever you have will work.

Place the tiles face-dwon, then mix them up. Now you can either arrange them in a nice box-style grid or just leave them random. It's your choice.

Now Player 1 will flip over two different tiles (or "bones" as we sometimes call them). If the sum of the two tiles is 12, that player may claim them and remove them from the playing surface, and continue playing.

If the two dominoes do not sum to 12, turn them back over. Now Player 2 may go.

Do you see how a good memory comes in handy? You have to remember all the previously played dominoes to win this game.

Video: Really Cute Kid Playing Concentration

The kid is cute and the mom is a wonderful teacher.


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