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How to Play Chickenfoot Dominoes

The Chicken Foot Dominos or “Chickie Dominoes” is one of the more complex Domino games. It involves several rounds, depending on the sets played on. The game can be played on a double-six, a double-nine or with the double-twelve sets. A double-six set will be played with seven rounds, ten rounds for the double-nines and thirteen rounds for the double-twelve set. You would also need a pad and pencil for keeping scores. The game can also be played from two to as much as ten players. The game is best with four or more people playing.

The standard Chicken Foot game uses the double-nine set. To start the game, all tiles are laid dots-down. The initial hand drawn depends on the set played and the number of players. For a double-nine set with for to five players, seven initial tiles are most appropriate. The best way to determine is to divide the tiles equally among the players with a remainder of ten to twenty tiles that would serve as the chicken yard.

The first player would be the one with the highest double tile drawn, placing that tile in the table. The play will move clockwise, and the next four players will play a tile-end matching the initial double. If the initial tile is a 9-9, playable tiles are 9-8, 9-7, 9-6, 9-5, 9-4, 9-3, 9-2, 9-1 and 9-0.

If his hand doesn’t have a match, he’ll draw one tile from the chicken yard. The player will have a choice to play or not to play the drawn tile during the turn. Once all four connects to the doubles are played, the players can now play any of the open ends, until another double is played. In that case, the next three plays must put down tiles that match the double.

Players with no playable tiles will draw one tile from the chicken yard for every turn until all tiles are drawn. If a player is blocked and the chicken yard is already exhausted, he will pass the turn to the next player. The game ends when one player played out all his tiles or all players are blocked with an empty chicken yard. The scores will then be tallied and the game will move on to the second round.

In the Chicken Foot game, lower scores are better. The scores are equal to the remaining tile points. The player who played all his tiles will have a “0” score. The exception is on the 0-0 tile, it’s worth 50 points, making it the most shunned tile in the Chicken Foot game.

The next round will begin with the next double tile, the 8-8 for a double-nine set, the 7-7 for the third round and so forth. All rounds have to be played up. At the end of the rounds, the scores will be tallied and the player with the least score wins the game.

Special rules include the player declaring “Chicken Foot” whenever a double is played. Another special rule is the declaration of “last tile”. A player with only one tile on his hand must declare it before another player notices. Failure to declare will rule the player to drawn an extra tile.

Video: Chickie Dominos 2 Trailer


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