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  Basic Rummy Strategy

Rummy is one of the more interesting games to play these days. You don’t need any exceptional qualities to start playing. With extensive practice, however, it is easy to develop a smart system to play. The game also can be quite rewarding to play. However, to perfect your rummy online gaming skills and beat other players, you have to embrace basic rummy strategy. If you need a quick overview of the rules first, CardsDiceDominoes has already written one here.

First, you should be sure make use of the discard pile. You should at all times keep a close watch of the cards discarded by other players. It is wise not to discard any card that could end up into your opponent’s hands and win the game. And so, use the discard section and analyze every card discarded by your opponents. If you discard your cards carelessly, your opponent many use them to their own advantage and form a pure winning sequence.

Jokers are quite important in the game. You need to focus on how best to utilize your jokers while playing. It is advisable to use the joker card to complete a run or earn more points. Also, try and discard cards close to the joker as you will easily force your opponents to avoid them. You will incentivize them not to discard the joker to form a pure sequence with it. Hence, your opponent will not pick up all the cards you have discarded and you will end up winning the game with ease.

You can also use high value cards to trick your opponents. Many times, players discard high value cards as an easy way to win the game. However, if your opponent picks up the cards you have discarded, this means that he or she has formed a set. Therefore, do not discard any card close to the ones he or she has picked up. He or she has taken your bait and you can go on and use this strategy to win the game.

Sometimes, it is better to think outside the box and find new strategies for winning rummy. For instance, you can calculate the possibilities of getting discarded cards, reverse the trick of discarding high value cards or use basic mathematical concepts and calculate your winning odds.

Hopefully these basic rummy game winning strategies do indeed help you win more and further enjoy playing the game.


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