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  All Threes Domino Rules and Instructional Videos

The all threes game is basically a point game of dominoes that is associated to all fives and Muggins. If you are interested in learning about this game, you should be fully acquainted with the basics and certain rules to follow during the game.

The all threes domino game can accommodate 2 up to 4 players. If there are four players, it can be played as a partner game. All you need in playing all threes is a standard set of double-six dominoes and a score sheet to keep track of the scores.

The main objective of the game is to be the first player to reach the agreed upon total points. First, shuffle the dominoes in a facing down manner on the table. Every player will draw the designated number of dominoes and stands them on the edge so that they can take a look at the faces while their opponents cannot see. For the 2 players, every player takes 7 dominoes. As for the 3 to 4 players, each has 5 dominoes. The left over dominoes are left on the table facing down; this is known as the bone yard.

For the first hand, the start player is randomly determined. For the future hands, the start player is the one who will first go out in the previous hand. If it happens that there is a “blocked” hand, the start player is again chosen in a random manner. Take note that the start player can lead with any tile that he possesses.

The next player as well as the following players should play a tile that matches one of the available ends present on the board. Once a player cannot place a tile, he should draw from the bone yard until he acquires a tile that can be played or the bone yard is empty. If the bone yard happens to be vacant and he still cannot place a tile, the turn is passed to the next player. The hand progresses until a player plays his final tile or until no players have a legal play. As for double tiles, they are played in a crosswise manner. They also count as the total of their pips.

As for the scoring in all threes, it takes place during the hand while some at the end of the hand. The moment a player adds a tile, the ends of the tableau are summed up. Since there is no spinner, there should always be two ends in total. If the total is an equivalent multiple of three, the player scores that number of points.

As for the scoring at the end of the hand, all players total the pip on any tiles that they have, divide it by three and round it up to the nearest whole number. These are added to the winning player’s total.

All threes is played until a player reaches an agreed upon number of points. This is usually 150 points if there are two players or 100 points for three or four players.

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