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  Five Hot Card Game Apps for iPhone

If you are looking for some of the hottest card games available on the iPhone, then you might enjoy theses games.

Even Bill Gates Plays Bridge

A lot of young people think of Bridge as a game for retirees and senior citizens. In truth it is a fun, challenging, social card game that maintains its popularity among serious card game enthusiasts. Here's an introduction to Bridge.

Santase - One of the Best Card Games You've Never Heard Of

You've probably never played, nor even heard of, the Eastern European card game called Santase. But if you like trick games, you should try it. You'll like it. Here are the Santase rules plus a video of the game being played. Unfortunately, we have yet to find a site where you can play santase online

Five Popular Dice Game Apps for iPhone

Our picks for five of the most fun dice games available on the iPhone. Play the latest card games for real money, but remember to claim a promotional bonus.

Sic Bo - A Chinese Game of Luck Using Three Dice

Think of Sic Bo as the "Craps" of Asia and is one of the casino games commonly played in Macau. This game, played with 3 dice, is all about luck. There's no strategy involved, other than avoiding the poor payout bets. Learn how to play Sic Bo with these game rules and video instructions.

Like trick games? Try Euchre

Looking for a four-player card game played in partnerships? Maybe Euchre is for you. Take a look at these Euchre rules and videos.

Crazy 8s. Easy, fun game.

It's not a difficult game to learn but Crazy 8s is nonetheless fun and relaxing. There is enough strategy involved to keep you alert without taxing your brain too much or interrupting the social conversation with your fellow players. Crazy 8 Rules

How to Play Concentration Using Dominoes

The game is really easy, a child's game in fact. But we present to you the rules for Concentration Dominoes anyway, simply as an excuse to show a cute and heart-warming video.

Draw Dominoes - Popular and Fun to Play

Draw Dominoes is probably the most popular domino game played online and at home. Here are the Draw Dominoes rules and additional game information, including a quick video to show you exactly how to play.


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